Car Unlock Service

Did you accidentally lock your keys in your car? B & A Towing provides damage free unlocking service 24 hours a day. Our team is of skilled tow truck operators is always ready to help get you out of your frustrating situation and get your tires back on the road as soon as humanly possible. We provide various towing and roadside assistance services to help motorists when they need it the most. All of our services are provided by highly trained and experienced tow truck operators who will treat you with the utmost respect, the highest quality customer service in the area, and at an affordable rate.

Car Unlock Service San Francisco

Are you in San Francisco with your keys and your grocery locked in your hot car? No worries. Give us a call at B & A Towing. We will arrive quickly and unlock your car before ice cream turns back into milk. B & A Towing the fastest long reach draw in the west.

Emergency Car Unlock Service

Has this happened to you? You grab your purse, get out of your car, shut the door, go to the back door to get your child, and realize the door won’t open. So you then try to open the front driver’s door, but it’s locked too. Then it hits you, you accidentally hit the lock button on your car with your purse, and the keys are in the ignition.
It’s happened to us all as parents. But that doesn’t make it any easier. Here at B & A Towing, we provide emergency unlock services to get your child out of harm’s way quickly. We know how dangerous it is for your child to be locked in a hot car. Therefore, we will move with the utmost urgency and handle the pressures of getting your car unlocked fast. Your baby will be in great hands.

We Unlock Cars And Provide Roadside Assistance

B & A Towing specializes in all kinds of roadside assistance services. Whether you need your car unlocked, a couple of gallons of gas to get you to the nearest gas station, or if you left your lights on and need a jump start. Oh, and let’s not forget if you are sitting on the side of a busy highway with a flat tire, we will change that tire to keep you out of harm’s way. The best news is our rates are affordable for an individual to a big family. And, if your car won’t turn over due to a dead battery, we provide our roadside assistance services to residential motorists and commercial motorists in the San Francisco area.

Towing Service

Are you sitting in the middle of San Francisco with a broken-down vehicle? Give us a call at B & A Towing. You can count on us to arrive fast, provide you with professional and affordable towing. Whether you need to go a short distance or a long distance, B & A Towing will get you where you need to go. Our wreckmaster-certified tow truck operators will follow all safety procedures from loading, transporting, unloading, and ensuring your vehicle is dropped where you want at a secure location.

Equipment Transport

Do you rent out equipment? Maybe you are in construction and need a dependable company to move your equipment when you need your manpower for other tasks? Well, we have great news for you. When you need a towing company to transport your equipment, give us a call. We provide professional towing, roadside assistance, and equipment transport. You can schedule your equipment transport in advance or give us a call when you need it.

Why Turn To B & A Towing?

There are many reasons to turn to us during your frustrating car breakdown. For starters, we are highly experienced in the towing industry. We have served thousands of motorists. Our towing standards and procedures are exceptional. You can count on us to arrive on time and to be honest because our fleet of tow trucks is the most up-to-date in the towing industry for safe loading and transporting your vehicle to your desired location.

Contact us here at B & A Towing for professional tow or roadside assistance service for your car, truck, SUV, all wheel drive, or motorcycle. Don’t forget we are only a phone call away for all your emergency roadside assistance needs 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Car Unlock Service B & A Towing San Francisco

Do You An Unlock For Your Car?

Whether you need an emergency unlock or a tow we are available 24/7 to help you and answer any questions you may have about our services. Or if you would rather send us a message, use the form below, or call 415-552-1327.

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