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When it comes to apartment towing, you want to ensure that the parking garages, parking lots, and other parking spaces reserved for your tenants are clear of unwanted vehicles. The problem is finding a solution that not only removes vehicles quickly and efficiently but also one that is 100% compliant with State and local laws and regulations concerning parking enforcement. Thankfully you’ve landed on B & A Towing’s website. For more than 50 years, we have been THE go-to company when it comes to apartment towing in the San Francisco area. When you need a tow truck fast, call B & A Towing.

One concern many apartment complex managers, apartment complex owners, and apartment complex tenants have is that of ensuring that there’s always a place to park. Some use gated and manned entries, others use carded entries, and others rely on towing companies to patrol their lots to ensure that only properly placard vehicles occupy their spaces.


Many challenges can arise when you rely on gated entries. Sometimes they don’t work properly, or a tenant forgets their key. And paying to have a guard man a booth 24/7 is expensive. We suggest that you rely on B & A Towing for all your apartment parking enforcement needs. Since it is the parking violator that pays the fee, it costs you nothing.

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We offer a wide variety of parking enforcement services. These include 24-hour surveillance, regular scheduled surveillance, call-up service; where you or someone you designate calls us when a parking violation has occurred, and other services including curb-painting, fire-lane painting, signage, placards and more.  Give us a call to discuss your apartment complex towing needs.  We’ve been providing professional car removal services in the San Francisco Bay area for more than 50 years.

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Illegally parked cars cost the traveling public time and money. For example, one of your tenants has the need for ice cream in the middle of the night. So, she hops in her car and drives down to the local Wal-Greens, and buys a half-gallon of Cherry Garcia. She’s all excited to watch the new season of Grey’s Anatomy and chow down on some ice cream, but when she arrives back to her designated spot, the one reserved for her high-dollar apartment, someone has illegally parked their Tahoe there.  Now she must tool around the neighborhood and find someplace else to park, which means that she’s going to have to take someone else’s paid-for spot.  And after she’s finally found someone else to inconvenience, she’s still going to have melted ice cream and will have missed at least the first 15 minutes of her show. Is that the way you want your parking situation for your Daly city vehicle owners to be treated?

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