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B & A Towing’s Container Transport Service

When you need a container moved locally or from state to state contact B & A Towing Service. We move containers full of equipment for the construction industry in the San Francisco Bay area and for many other industries. We work for sports teams, franchises, special even planners, music groups and more.

The security you gain from a locked storage container alone could be an ISO shipping container’s greatest asset. And, having a storage container on the job-site can be a real time saver as well. No longer must you drive back and forth to your headquarters because you forgot a tool or something necessary to complete your tasks, with a Conex container you have everything you need in one place with you, on the job-site.

B & A Towing transports, stores, and sells shipping containers of all sizes. And, our side-loading technology allows us to pick up and deliver shipping containers to virtually anywhere a truck can go. Our side-loading technology also makes for the best choice of transport for all your precious cargo, including exotic cars, and specialty furnishings. When you need specialty container transportation services, call us.

How to transport a container

There are many different methods for transporting shipping containers over the roads.  One method is to use a crane and hoist the container onto a flatbed for transport. Another way of transporting a shipping container is to use a Landoll trailer. A Landoll trailer is a tilt-bed trailer that loads your container at about a 30-degree angle.  This method is not ideal, especially if what you are shipping may be damaged if jostled from one end of the trailer to the other.

In order to avoid damage, we use patented side-loading technology which allows the container to stay 100% level while loading and unloading. The other advantage of shipping your containers with B & A Towing is because, logistically speaking, we can pick up and deliver your container anywhere our truck can park.  No forklift or cranes required.

Container Transport Cost

The cost of transporting a shipping container by truck depends upon more than a few factors. The location of the shipping container and ease of access are one, the distance traveled to load the shipping container is another, and the distance traveled to the drop-off location is yet another. But there are other things to consider when figuring the cost of shipping your container.

What are you shipping? If you are shipping fine home furnishings or other perishables, one thing to consider is how your shipment will be treated during loading, transport, and unloading.  When loading using a Landoll trailer, whatever is inside your shipping container has the potential of being jostled about. Depending upon the type of cargo you’re transporting, this jostling may cause damage. Also, if your equipment transport needs require covered transport, placing them in a container will work wonders.

When you consider the costs in terms of potential damages, the best choice is to choose a container transportation company who uses patented technology to load and unload your containers.   Stop the tilt and call B & A Towing Service for our Best Sidelifter container transport services. We are your one-stop container moving company in San Francisco, California.

Container transport San Francisco
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Looking For A Shipping Container Delivery Service?

B & A Towing ships, stores, rents, sells and delivers containers. Whether you need a shipping container for long-term storage, or for a move across the country, call B & A Towing for all your shipping needs. We provide shipping containers for building modular homes. If you’re interested in building a shipping container house, or an underground bunker, we can provide you with as many shipping containers as you need. And deliver them to almost anywhere

Conex Container Moving

Lift-Capacity – Up To 72,000 lbs
1 Loaded @ 20 ft / 2 @ 30,000 lbs. each max
24 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, loaded
We Stack Hi-Cube Containers 2 High
We Weigh Container At Your Location
Loaded & Unloaded Container Trucking

Container Transport San Francisco