Equipment Transport San Fransisco

Are you looking for an experienced towing company to transport your equipment? A company you can count on to safely move your machinery to and from your job-site that’s available when you need them?

Here at B & A Towing, we have been in the San Fransisco Bay Area since 1968. We are your trusted resource for moving your equipment to and from a job-site. We have transported many pieces of equipment safely and securely. Our team of professionals is here to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And, we provide highly affordable towing to boot.

Construction Equipment Transport Service

When you’re in the construction business, you are more than likely multitasking. Having more than one project going at a time can be overwhelming on you and your crew. Sometimes you may need a piece of equipment moved to the other job-site. For example, you just finished using your forklift at the site across town, and you need the forklift at the new job site you just started. But, taking one of your guys off the job at hand will put you behind the deadline.

Allow B & A Towing to give you a hand. Our skilled drivers are available to move heavy equipment, medium-duty, and even small-duty equipment. So whether you need a forklift, skid steer, or bobcat transported, our skilled crew is trained in the proper way to load, properly secure, and unload for damage-free transport. By using our resources, you can keep your crew working without skipping a beat.

Choosing An Equipment Transport Specialist

Your equipment is part of your resources for making money; for this reason, it’s vital to choose a company that has the experience and training in the equipment and tool transport service. And, for this reason, researching the company you are interested in is essential. Below is a list of items you should research when choosing a company to move your equipment.


All towing companies are required to carry insurance. Check to see if they carry enough insurance to cover any damages that may incur during loading, transporting, and unloading your equipment.

Arrival and Delivery Time

Be sure the company has enough resources that they can pick up and deliver at your desired time. Therefore, you will be assured they will be there when you need them.


One of the best ways to get to know if a company does what they promise is to check out their reviews. Pull up their google business page or facebook page to see if they work well with others. We have our reviews available on our website here.


Check to see if they are licensed to operate in your city, county, and state. Ask for their USDOT number. You can go to the SAFER website and search by the name or by the USDOT number of the company you are considering.

Armed with a thorough knowledge of the companies you are considering to hire to move your construction equipment, you’ll have the ability to make an informed decision. We ask that you consider all of the above information when choosing B & A Towing to do the heavy lifting for you.

Other Towing Services We Provide

There are other services we provide, other than moving equipment, that we are skilled in catering to our customers. From unlocks to changing flats, and towing & accident recovery, our certified drivers perform all of these services and will see to it that you receive the most affordable, honest, and fast service available. Whether you live, work, or are just passing through San Francisco and need roadside assistance, when calling B & A Towing, you will be assured you will receive the best service around.


Need Equipment Moved To The Job Site?

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