What Makes B & A Towing Stand Out From All The Other Towing Companies In San Francisco?

It’s Simple Really…We Believe In Treating Our Customers With Respect.

Flatbed Towing San Francisco

Flatbed Towing San Francisco B & A Towing

Early On We Learned That…

When one of our customers finds themselves in need of the services of a towing company, it’s usually because they’re not having such a great day. They’re experiencing some sort of unexpected car problems.  And the last thing you want to do when you’re having car maintenance issues or if you’ve been involved in an accident is to contend with a tow truck operator who’s, let’s just say, “difficult.”

So, first, we listen. We listen to what you have to say about your car problems so that we can fully understand what difficulties YOU may be having. So that we can determine what’s required, do you need flatbed towing, a wrecker service tow truck, or just a battery? Then your tow truck company sends out a tow truck operator who is trained to treat you with courtesy and respect because that’s the way we’d like to be treated if we were in your position.

Flatbed Towing Since 1968

Flatbed Towing San Francisco B & A Towing

Equipment Towing & Transport

Things move fairly fast in the City By The Bay. And if you need any type of equipment transported it’s usually something that needs to be done immediately. B & A Towing understands that down-time, or lost time is never good, it can cost you a lot of money. That’s why when you need a piece of equipment towed across town to a job-site you need it done fast. Schedule your appointment with us for faster service.  SCHEDULE NOW

B & A Towing Company Services

Flatbed Towing San Francisco B & A Towing

Towing & Roadside Assistance

Locked Out of Your Car? – We’ve all been there, you realize you’ve done it just as you shut the car door, locked your keys in your car. This is just a minor blip on your day, call B & A Towing and we’ll be there ASAP to get your keys out.

Did you Pick up a nail? – Worse yet, it’s raining and it happens. Don’t ruin your business attire, let us do the dirty work. Stranded roadside is not an option, call us and we’ll get you taken care of now. We’re fast and affordable.

Empty Gas Tank? – It happens. And when it does don’t hesitate to call B & A. We’ll be there in a hurry, and we’ll bring 2 gallons of gas or diesel, please specify, just enough to get you by until you can reach the nearest gas station.

No Start, Just Clicking? – Dead battery, most likely. If that’s the case we’ll send out a service technician to test your battery, and if all you need is a start, we’ll provide it, and we’ll even replace your battery if necessary.

Parking Enforcement – It can be frustrating when someone has parked in a spot that you have paid for. Luckily you now know who to call when life’s minor inconveniences come to bear. Call B & A Towing for all your parking enforcement needs.

Car Carrier Towing

Flatbed Towing San Francisco B & A Towing