Towing That’s What We Do!


Most of the time, having your car towed can mean one of two things, either you illegally parked in someone else’s spot, meaning you’re on the really bad end of the towing experience, or you are experiencing some sort of automotive repair needs. Either way…We Get It…You don’t like to be anywhere near a tow truck. Precisely because most motorist’s first inclination is to cringe at the site of a tow truck near their car, or even at the thought of calling for a tow truck company to come and help, we ensure that our people treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve.

Are you late for your son’s soccer game because your water pump decided this was the perfect time to act up? Is there steam billowing out from under your hood because your cooling system has failed? These clues and others are telltale signs that having a towing company on the scene might be a good idea. B & A is the tow company to call when you need help with an unruly car.


Sometimes…to get the best service or product you have to go on a hunt. You check the reviews to see if others have had a great experience with the company who’s providing the product or service. We not only invite you to check out what others have said about our track record of service, we have a page on our website devoted entirely to showcasing these folk’s kind words.

  • Accident Recovery
  • Flatbed Transport
  • Safe and Damage Free Transport
  • Tow Trucks Always Available
  • Container Moving
  • Damage-Free Tow Service
  • Roadside Solutions
  • Equipment Moving and Hauling
  • Exotic Vehicle Transport
  • Fast Emergency Towing

To us, moving your cars and trucks from one location to another is more than a menial task. Think about it…Space in the Bay Area is at a premium, we have the 7th highest commercial real estate prices in the world. But you know what’s even more valuable than that? Your time. We take our jobs as tow truck operators seriously and know that getting your car back from the repair shop is one of your highest priorities. And the quicker we get it there, the quicker you get it back.

We’re Talking Towing…

Local & Long-Distance TRANSPORT

Not another Monday, where did the weekend go? Monday’s are the most common days that motorists have issues with a dead battery. Your car sat idle for almost 3 days because you were using your spouses to go sightseeing and now, Monday morning, all you hear is, click, click, click… Don’t let a dead battery start your week off wrong, call B & A for Battery Service. We’ll get there quickly, provide you with a jump start if necessary, and get you on your way to work…YEAH!!!

Happy Monday!