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B & A Towing provides full-service hydraulic hose repair and replacement. We are your number one choice for hose assembly or repair…WHILE YOU WAIT! We specialize in hydraulic hose assembly, hydraulic cylinder repair, and hydraulic valve repair. We use Manuli parts and are a Certified Manuli Hose Specialist in the Bay area. We understand that when your trucks and construction equipment aren’t running due to hydraulic component malfunctions you’re losing money.  That’s why we provide the fastest hydraulic hose assembly in town. You can count on B & A Towing for all of your hydraulic repair and replacement needs.

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Quick Turnaround Hydraulic Hose Repair

Regardless of the industry you are in, your equipment and industrial machines use hydraulic hoses. And these hydraulic hoses will tend to wear out over time. Either through intense use or harsh weather conditions, when your hydraulic components need attention you want a company that can respond quickly. Be it hoses, cylinders, couplers, or valves, your hydraulic components will need to be replaced or repaired in a timely manner. That’s why we offer hose assembly and hose repair while you wait. This ensures that your equipment is in top working order fast.

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San Francisco Hose Repair Specialists

B & A Towing understands that, when you need a hydraulic hose repaired, you want it done by someone who has more than just a working understanding of hydraulics, you want a hydraulics specialist. Many times, mistakes caused by a lack of understanding of the hydraulics system are the primary reason for hydraulic failure in the first place. When your equipment or machine is down, the primary goal is to do anything necessary to get it back up and running as fast as possible. Unfortunately, these “quick fixes” may be exactly what caused the downtime in the beginning. One simple preventive measure you can put in place is to ensure that your hydraulic reservoir is cleaned regularly. Doing so, can help to avoid a thick layer of sludge from forming, which can negatively impact hydraulic function.

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B & A Towing sells and services hydraulic hoses, hydraulic valves, and hydraulic cylinders. We stock a wide variety of hoses, adapters, and hard to find fittings and other connectors. Our team can provide fast and inventive solutions to whatever hydraulic issues you come across. Our quick turnaround time means we can help to minimize your machinery and equipment downtimes. So, whether it’s a valve rebuild or hose repair, count on B & A Towing to provide the best hydraulics service in the Bay Area.

Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild

Over time, your hydraulic cylinder seals will start to leak oil. This is a tell-tale sign that you’re going to need a hydraulic cylinder rebuild. O-rings and other seals on the piston and gland will need to be replaced and, although it’s not that protracted a procedure, if it’s not done correctly, you’re going to experience the same problems. Rather than completing the hydraulic cylinder rebuild yourself, trust our competent and highly skilled technicians at B & A Towing. From excavators to backhoes, we’ll get your machinery and equipment in tip-top shape while decreasing downtime.

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B & A Towing provides fast turnaround on hydraulc hose assembly. Have questions? Call 415-822-4887.

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