EV Towing San Francisco

Has your EV unexpectedly run out of charge, leaving you in need of towing services? Don’t stress over finding the right towing company. Simply reach out to B & A Towing for our convenient and reliable services. Whether you need a tow to a charging station, dealership, or home, B & A Towing is here to help. Our highly certified and experienced tow truck operators are familiar with the unique requirements of transporting any make or model of electric or hybrid vehicle on the roads today. With hours of manufacturer training, you can count on us to provide safe transport for your nonoperational EV or hybrid vehicle.

Prompt EV Towing

Imagine you’re driving along in your EV when your Tesla beeps and warns you that you need to pull over immediately due to a power issue. Right after the bells and whistles, your vehicle locks up, leaving you unable to steer to the shoulder. At this point, there’s no moving your vehicle because you can’t get it into neutral, and your parking brake won’t release. That’s where we, the experienced team at B & A Towing, come in. We offer prompt and reliable EV transport services when you need it immediately.

EV Towing Failed Software Update

Did your vehicle’s software update fail, leaving you with a vehicle that won’t start? B & A Towing offers no-contact entry towing when your vehicle won’t go into neutral or your parking brake won’t release. Depending on your towing situation, our highly skilled operator will use special equipment, such as skates or tow dollys, to ensure safe and damage-free transport services on your EV.

Jumpstarts or Charging Services

With our team of tow truck operators who have undergone rigorous training and certification, we are well-equipped to safely jumpstart your 12-volt system and get your EV back on the road. Jumpstarting an electric vehicle is a task that requires expertise and precision. It’s not something that should be attempted by an amiable but unfamiliar person, no matter how good their intentions. Trust the professionals in the towing industry, like us at B & A Towing, to safely jump-start your car and get you back on your way.

Flatbed Towing

Did you know EVs require towing via a flatbed tow truck? At B & A Towing, in our arsenal of trucks are flatbed tow trucks, also known as car carriers. A flatbed tow truck allows your vehicle to rest on the bed of the truck while towing, thus ensuring all parts of your vehicle are protected from its undercarriage, wheels, and body from possible flying debris from other motorists. Our team at B & A Towing prioritizes the safety and protection of your cherished vehicle through our meticulous multiple-point hook-up process, ensuring it’s as secure.

Accident Towing

Are you one of the unfortunate ones that require towing services due to an accident? When you require accident towing services in the San Francisco Bay area, our team at B & A Towing is the experienced team that offers fast and reliable accident towing services around the clock. No matter the time of day or night, our drivers are ready to solve all your emergency roadside assistance needs.

Expert Emergency Roadside Assistance Service

Our team at B & A Towing is a full-service towing company that takes great pride in providing high-quality services around the clock. The San Francisco Bay is our home, and we believe in giving back to our fellow neighbors by offering residential and commercial motorists affordable, top-notch towing and roadside assistance services, as well as parking control services, equipment transport services, and much more since 1968. Our services include fast response towing, accident towing, and roadside assistance services around the clock every day of the year.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to explain how we can help when you need help with your EV roadside assistance car requirements. Reach out anytime for information or assistance; we’re here for you!”

EV Towing

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