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Have you been in an accident and require a towing company to tow your vehicle? At B & Towing, we know being involved in an accident, whether it’s your fault or the other motorists, can be the most unnerving time in a person’s life. Therefore, we have a team of trained professionals that understand and truly care about assisting you in this frustrating moment. Call us, B & A Towing for friendly, reliable, and professional assistance. And our towing service rates are very reasonable.

Fast Accident Towing San Franciso

Did you know your chances of being involved in a secondary accident increase by 2.8% for each minute the primary incident continues to be a hazard? Consequently, knowing what to do in advance of an accident will put you ahead of the game. Therefore, we have put together a guideline to assist you in this trying time. Above all, you can depend on us here at B & A towing for fast service to quickly get you out of harm’s way.

Accident Towing Guidelines

  1. Stop: Never drive away from an accident. Driving away from the scene of an accident will ensure a ride in a police car, even if it’s a minor accident. If your vehicle is still operable, pull to the side of the road out of traffic.
  2. Call the police: Calling the police is a priority to report the accident and to help with traffic control and safety. The police will dispatch an ambulance if medical attention is required.
  3. Call a towing company: If your car is inoperable and your accident will require a San Bruno tow truck, you are going to want to get a towing company dispatched to your location as soon as possible to assist in clearing the roadway.
  4. Exchange information When the police are on the scene, they will gather needed information and fill out an accident report. If it’s a minor accident with no police present, you will need to get the name and insurance information of the other driver.
  5. Take notes and photos: Don’t solely rely on your memory from the accident. Taking notes and pictures when you are out of harm’s way is a valuable source to go back to when questions may arise, and they will.
  6. Get your vehicle repaired: Knowing a trusting body shop in advance would be great, but if you don’t know of one, B & A Towing can suggest several local Bodyshops that are highly qualified to assist you.
  7. File an insurance claim: Whether the accident is your fault, you will need to call your insurance company to report the accident and file a claim. The insurance company will ask for a police report if one is available. They will require a damage appraisal.
  8. Recordkeeping: Starting a file with all the accident information and the procedures you have taken will help you pull everything off without a hitch.

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B & A Towing has been providing superior emergency towing, roadside assistance, and convenient car impound towing service to the City of San Francisco for more than 50 years. We have seen it all, including underwater accident vehicle recoveries. Therefore, you can rest assured no matter your situation; we can help you. So, we are always available 24 hours of every day to help you with all your towing and auto transport needs here in the San Francisco area.

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