Car Won’t Start San Francisco

There’s nothing worse than starting your day off with a car that won’t start. It’s hard to stay optimistic about your day when you are stuck and have somewhere to go. But, having a reliable towing company you can turn to in San Francisco can quickly turn your day around.

Here at B & A Towing, we provide affordable towing and roadside assistance service to the motorists of San Francisco. Our Wreckmaster certified tow truck operators are available around the clock because we genuinely care about taking care of our customers.

What To Do When Your Car Won’t Start

With our experience here at B & A Towing, we know of a few things you could check to see why your car isn’t starting. No matter why your engine won’t turn over, B & A Towing is here to help. We provide battery service and towing services to your mechanic if it’s more than a battery issue.

Check First If Your Car Won’t Start

First off, don’t panic. Take a few seconds to think out of the box. Check your steering wheel to be sure it’s not locked. You can check this by inserting your key into the ignition, and if it doesn’t turn, chances are it’s locked. This is solved by wiggling the steering wheel back and forth until the ignition key will turn over. Second, check your gas gauge. Did you forget to get gas? Yes, it does happen. Be sure to keep your gas tank filled. Third, check your battery. If there is no sound when you turn the key over, the battery is dead.

Affordable Jump Start Service

So, you didn’t panic, and you narrowed it down to the battery being the possible cause. No problem. Here at B & A Towing, we provide affordable battery boost service to help get you on the road. Whether your car is sitting outside on the street, in the driveway, or in your garage, we can jump start your vehicle anywhere with our professional jumper cables. Our tow truck operators know how to safely jump start any make and model vehicle on the road today.

24/7 Towing

Your ignition isn’t locked. It’s not your battery, so you are going to need a tow to your mechanic. With our 24/7 towing service, no matter where you are or what time of night in the San Francisco area, we will arrive quickly to get you and your vehicle to the desired destination fast. We provide safe, damage free towing, whether it’s local or a long distance tow. Call us when you need your SUV, car, truck, all wheel drive, four wheel drive, or motorcycle towed. Ask us about or enclosed transport services for your classic car, truck, or high end vehicle.

Accident Towing

Your car not starting is rough but being in an accident definitely takes the cake for having a bad day. With B & A Towing by your side, we will quickly put your accident in the rearview mirror. We work with all law enforcement agencies to ensure your safety at all times. All of our accident towing, towing, and roadside assistance services are provided 24/7.

Don’t Be Afraid To Call B & A Towing For Help

B & A Towing is a full service Towing Company in San Francisco that is always available to help you. If you are unsure if we provide the service you need, we are always available to answer. And that also goes for questions about our rates. Our goal is to ensure your towing and roadside assistance needs are easy for you to access when you are in need.

Whether you are sitting roadside with your motorcycle or need a long distance tow your Toyota Camry, you can rest assured B & A Towing will provide you with the best quality towing service in San Francisco. Do you have a flat tire? From changing your flat tire, retrieving your keys, bringing you a couple of gallons of gas to jump starting your vehicle, B & A Towing has all of your roadside assistance service needs covered 24/7. Look no further than B & A Towing in San Francisco, whether a commercial or residential motorist, for the highest quality towing and roadside assistance services in the Bay Area.

Car Won't Start San Francisco B & A Towing

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