Jumpstart Service

Are you experiencing a dead battery and need a towing company to provide jumpstarting services for your car, truck, SUV, all wheel drive, or four wheel drive vehicle? Contact B & A Towing for fast and affordable assistance. Picture this: it’s been a tiring day at work, and you’re eager to leave. To avoid being asked to work overtime, you skillfully navigate through the corridors, resembling a salamander, slipping into hiding spots to evade your boss. Finally, you reach your car unnoticed. As you sit inside, ready to go, you turn the key in the ignition, only to be greeted by silence and a repetitive “click, click, click” sound. But fret not! You can still outmaneuver your boss by giving us a call. At B & A Towing, we specialize in promptly jumpstarting vehicles, whether parked in a garage, driveway, or street. Serving the San Francisco area, B & A Towing is your reliable choice for all your roadside assistance needs and beyond.

Car Battery Jumpstart Service

When you find yourself in a situation where you a running late and your car won’t start, you will want to call a towing company that will provide fast, affordable services when you need them. A towing company that is dedicated, transparent, and reliable on estimated arrival times allows you to stay on track throughout your day. Here at B & A Towing, if there is an unexpected delay, we will promptly contact you via phone, ensuring your peace of mind as you await assistance. We prioritize open communication no matter whether you need a tow or roadside assistance service.

Electric Car Jumpstart Service

Is your electric vehicle experiencing a startup issue due to drained lithium-ion batteries? Electric cars can indeed be jump-started. To recharge lithium-ion batteries, it is necessary to jump-start the 12-volt battery system first. By jump-starting the 12-volt battery, you allow the electronics to operate initially. Interestingly, the process of jump-starting an electric or plug-in hybrid car is similar to starting a non-electric vehicle. However, locating the 12-volt battery in an electric car may be the most challenging part. At B & A Towing, we have successfully jump-started numerous vehicles, including electric, gas, and diesel vehicles. Rest assured; we possess the expertise to safely jump-start your car or truck, ensuring a swift return to the road.

What To Do After Jumpstarting a Car?

To ensure your vehicle’s battery has a full charge after jumpstarting, let it run for about 30 minutes by going for a drive or in the driveway. But, if you can, let it run longer, up to an hour, if possible. Remember, emptying a battery from power, which requires the jump start, worsens the battery and shortens the time. Then you will need a new battery.

What If My Car Will Not Start After A Jumpstarting?

Various reasons can prevent your battery from charging while jumpstarting, such as damaged cables, corroded battery posts, or loose connections. However, when you contact B & A Towing for a jumpstart service, we will inspect all the connections and clean the battery posts. When your vehicle fails to start, other underlying issues beyond the battery be the reason. It could be a faulty alternator, starter, or a problem unrelated to the starting system. The good news is that with our Colma tow truck present at the scene, we can either tow your vehicle to your preferred mechanic or provide recommendations for reputable auto shops where qualified professionals can diagnose and resolve the issue, ensuring you’re swiftly back on the road again.

Affordable Towing

Whether you need a tow, key retrieval service, or a tire change, From towing to roadside assistance services, B & A Towing is always affordable and available 24/7 to provide you with the highest quality towing service in San Francisco. We have the training, qualifications, and up-to-date towing equipment to tow anything from a motorcycle, classic car, low profile car, or a minivan. Look no further than B & A Towing for the highest quality customer service in the towing industry. We only hire trained tow truck operators who truly care about your safety, family, and vehicle.

Around The Clock Towing

Have you ever needed roadside assistance late at night or during the early morning hours? Picture this: your car has a dead battery and refuses to start. Don’t worry because, with B & A Towing, you can call us for immediate roadside assistance, whether stranded in your car on the road or in the comfort of your driveway. Our towing and roadside assistance services are accessible 24/7, every day of the year, giving you peace of mind knowing that we are always ready to assist you in your frustrating situation. Whether you reside in the San Francisco area or happen to be passing through when you reach out to B & A Towing, we will be your reliable solution for all your towing, and roadside assistance needs.

Jumpstart Service

Do You Need A Jumpstart?

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