Wrecker Tow Truck

What is a wrecker tow truck, you ask? A wrecker tow truck is a tow truck equipped with the ability to tow with a sling and dollies as well as a winch for winching vehicles from precarious situations.

Are you in a situation where you need a tow truck? Whether you need a tow from a breakdown or an accident that’s put in in a ditch, a wrecker is the best piece of equipment to help you out of your situation. Our tow truck operators are versed in the best way to use our tow trucks to support your frustrating situation safely.

Wrecker Tow Truck San Francisco

Whether you live, work, or are passing through San Francisco, and you need a tow, B & A Towing is in San Francisco and ready to provide you with affordable towing and roadside assistance. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And yes, that includes every holiday.

Wrecker Tow Truck For Breakdowns

Imagine your car won’t start, and you are in the SFMTA Union Square Parking Garage. Because some parking garages have a low overhead flatbed, tow trucks won’t fit. Therefore sending a wrecker to tow your vehicle will be necessary. Wreckers don’t pull by the bumper. They are equipped with wheel lifts and tow dollies – tow dollies are for lifting all four wheels off the ground for a four wheel drive, SUV, or all wheel drive vehicle. And with an integrated boom, that has a more weight limit that can tow vehicles safely and efficiently.

Winching Service

When it’s raining, roads can become slick from the residue left from oil and other fluids that leak from vehicles on the roadway. Therefore keeping an adequate following distance from the car in front of you is vital to have an acceptable stopping distance.

Imagine the car in front of you brakes hard to miss a suicide squirrel. And because you didn’t keep an adequate distance, you had to swerve into the ditch to avoid hitting the car in front of you. The ditch is a mucky, muddy mess leaving your tires barred in the drudge because it has been raining. That is where B & A Towing has you covered. We will do all the dirty work with our tow trucks and winch your car out of that yucky muddy ditch.

Car Accident Towing

Car accidents happen to even the safest drivers on the road. No matter your accident situation B & Towing is here to help you quickly, whether you are in the middle of an intersection or sitting in a parking lot. Our tow truck drivers have the training and knowledge to tow your wrecked car safely to prevent further damage. And they can help walk you through all the steps if this is your first accident.

Your 24/7 Towing Team

Finding a towing company with the ability and staffing to help you when you need your truck transported after a breakdown may not be as easy as you might think. With the fact that your vehicle can break down any time of the day or night, B & A Towing and recovery provides towing and roadside assistance services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All of our services are available to you whether you are a manager of a fleet of vehicles, AKA commercial customers, or whether you are a residential customer that’s heading home from a hard day at work. Therefore if you need your vehicle unlocked, tire change to a short distance tow or a long distance tow, we will always be there for you all day, all night, 365 days a year.

Wrecker Tow Truck San Francisco

Are you looking for a towing company to tow your truck or car?

No matter the time of day or night our phones are answered if you have any questions about our service and want to send us a message, use the form below, or call 415-552-1327.

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    Wrecker Tow Truck San Francisco