Car Towing Service San Francisco

You noticed that check engine light on your dash a couple of days ago, so you made an appointment with your mechanic to have it checked out. But he doesn’t have time to look at it for another week. So, because it was still running, you thought it would be ok to drive. Unfortunately, you are now sitting roadside needing your car towed to the repair shop.

There’s no reason to worry, B & A Towing is here to help. We understand how important your vehicle is to you and how being stuck roadside is frustrating. That is why we are here to help you out with all of your towing needs. But, why choose B & A Towing? Because we believe that happy customers are those who receive service promptly, and your satisfaction with our services is of the utmost importance.

Dependable Car Towing Service

We understand that when you demand roadside assistance, you don’t want to be kept waiting. You want a tow company who you now will show up when they say they will. At B & A Towing, we’ve been helping motorists for more than five decades. Our drivers are highly skilled, trained professionals who love what they do. When you are looking for a dependable towing company, call us, we stand out above all the rest.

Fast Car Towing Service.

Here at B & A Towing, we understand your time is valuable, and the longer you wait on a tow company, the farther behind you get with your daily responsibilities. This means you have less time to enjoy your family and relax. We know the streets of San Francisco like the back of our hands and promise we will get to you as fast as is humanly possible. By choosing B & A Towing, you benefit because we’ve built our business on fast response times. And it doesn’t matter what kind of auto you drive. If it has wheels, we can tow it.

Friendly Roadside Service

There are no strangers here at B & A Towing. From the moment you call in and speak to one of our dispatchers to the arrival of our tow truck operator, you will feel like you’re a part of our family. No, we won’t treat you badly and tell you to go to your room. We treat you like we would like to be treated. When you’re stranded roadside and need car towing in Tanforan, having a caring and compassionate team assist you is what you need. Let us help you through this frustrating time. We are forthright, friendly, and always a good neighbor.

Reliable Towing Company

We believe reliability and dependability go hand in hand. We have built our business on being there for you when and where you need us. We are empathetic to your position and are determined to provide you with the best and most reliable towing and roadside services possible.

Classic Car Transport Service

Do you own a classic car you need to have towed? Here at B & A Towing, we recommend you have it towed by a flatbed tow truck or what is sometimes called a car carrier. We know classic cars are rare, and when you own one, you treat it like it’s your child. You don’t want just any company to tow it or jump start it. You want a company who cares about taking care of it as much as you do. Our tow truck professionals have the training and experience to securely and safely tow your baby using state of the art equipment. Whether your car is broken down on the side of the road, or you want it towed to the car show to avoid the miles, you can depend on B & A Towing Service to get your car to your destination in pristine condition. Did we mention we also provide equipment moving and enclosed trailer transport options available?

Emergency Towing Service

Have you been involved in an accident?
If so, the first thing you should do is call 911. After you call the police, you’re going to need a professional towing company to tow your vehicle to the body shop for repairs, or to your home until you decide where you want it taken. A third option is to have your wrecked car towed to our storage facility. This way your insurance adjuster can easily access it and help you to make a decision on what to do next. B & A Towing will go above and beyond providing you with excellent service.  We hope to turn a traumatic, negative situation into one that ends with a positive outlook on life, and maybe even make a new friend.

24 hour service

It’s late, almost 1:00 in the morning. You’re heading home after your evening shift at work when your car spits and sputters. It then dies in the middle of an intersection. What do you do? You think, who the heck is going to be awake at this time of the morning? The answer, we are. We know there’s no perfect hour for needing your car towed, or roadside assistance for that matter. That’s why we are available anytime of the day or night.  Here at B & A Towing, we provide TRUE 24 hour towing and roadside services, 365 days a year.

The Bay Area’s Premiere Car Transportation Service

The best part about being the premier towing service in the bay area is all the great people we get to meet and assist on a daily basis. Life is about helping those we know and those we don’t, but once we’ve towed your vintage vehicle, you are family. We wish you nothing but the best, and we’ll be here when you need us. No matter what kind of roadside assistance you need, from a tire change, tow, winching service or an unlock service, B & A Towing has got you covered.



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