Dead Car Battery

There’s nothing more frustrating than turning your car key over and not receiving a response. In the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, it’s not uncommon for a driver to encounter an unforeseen circumstance that requires boosting services for their car, truck, SUV, all-wheel drive, or even an EV.
When your battery is dead, a jump start provides the energy it needs, allowing you to get back on the road efficiently and without needing a tow. B & A Towing is a local roadside assistance company that offers battery-boosting services at an affordable rate around the clock to ensure you can get back on the road without any hassles.

What To Do When You Have A Dead Car Battery

First, make sure you are safe. If your car suddenly dies while driving, pull over to a secure location on the shoulder of the highway. Then, turn on your hazard lights to alert passing motorists that you are having car issues so they can give you plenty of space.
Secondly, you should quickly assess the issue. If it’s your battery, your lights may be dim, or you may hear a clicking noise while turning the key over.
Thirdly, call a professional towing company for your safety and the safety of passing motorists. Some drivers may attempt to jump-start their vehicle on the side of the highway with another car. It’s safer and more effective to call a professional towing service company. At B & A Towing, we have the right equipment and follow all safety protocols and procedures to ensure your safety, your vehicle’s safety, and the safety of passing motorists.

Dead Car Battery Service

Boosting refers to jump-starting a vehicle’s dead battery in the context of towing services. Unfortunately, a dead car battery can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at the worst of times. Whether you are running late for work or a doctor’s appointment, a jump-start service from a reputable towing company can be a lifesaver. A jump start service will provide the juice your battery needs to get your vehicle up and running quickly.

Common Causes Of A Dead Battery

Three common causes could cause your battery to die.

  1. Extreme Temperatures: San Francisco’s temperatures do not get as hot as those in other parts of the country, but it’s becoming more common for us to have extreme heat events.
  2. Age Of The Battery: Like any other product we buy, car batteries have a limited lifespan. As they age, they become more prone to failure, leading to unexpected battery issues. However, by taking charge of your battery’s health through regular checks and maintenance, you can effectively extend its lifespan, giving you more control over your car’s reliability.
  3. Electrical Issues: Problems in the vehicle’s electrical system can drain the battery. Common causes include malfunctioning alternators, parasitic drains, or corroded connections.

Preventing Future Dead Battery

The best way to prevent unexpected battery issues is to have regular maintenance checks to identify the possible problems before you are left high and dry on the roadside. Choosing a less expensive option may initially seem to save money, but investing in a dependable battery is a smart decision for the long term. Additionally, purchasing and keeping a set of jumper cables in the trunk of your car could be a temporary solution. But remember, it’s crucial to use them correctly to avoid damage to your vehicle’s electrical system.

About B & A Towing

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But we don’t stop there. We also offer parking control and enforcement for residential and commercial lots to ensure your tenants and customers have adequate parking.
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Dead Car Battery

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