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Are you in Brisbane searching for a tow truck near me? When you require a towing company in Brisbane to tow your car or truck, call us at B & A Towing. Our phones are manned by qualified dispatchers who will route a tow truck to your location quickly. Whether you need a short or long-distance tow, roadside assistance services, or wrecker services, you can count on B & A Towing to get the job done fast and at an affordable rate.

 Brisbane Tow Truck Company Services

Not sure if a Brisbane towing company provides the car breakdown service you need? Most towing companies provide various emergency roadside assistance services to ensure the safety of residential and commercial motorists. Whether you have a flat tire or need a tow to your mechanic B & A Towing provides high-quality customer services to ensure our customers are happy and keep coming back.

Affordable Brisbane Tow Truck

A roadside emergency breakdown is time-consuming, frustrating, and can be expensive. Therefore B & A Towing provides the most affordable towing and roadside assistance services in the Brisbane area. Our rates are upfront to make it easier to budget for your unfortunate circumstance, whether you are an individual, have a big family, or are a fleet manager. But most of all, you will receive the highest quality towing and roadside assistance services by Wreckmaster Certified tow truck operators who care about providing you with the best quality solution for your roadside breakdown. And because we have the best towing equipment and use the most up-to-date proper towing techniques to secure your vehicle, you can count on your truck arriving at its destination damage free.

Flatbed Towing

Do you drive a four-wheel, all-wheel, high-end, or classic car? B & A Towing provides Flatbed towing services to ensure that hooking up, transporting, and unloading your vehicle is seamless. Our flatbed towing services protect your vehicle from debris while towing and keep your vehicle safe from other cars. At the same time, we provide high-quality, secure standards with a multiple-point hook-up procedure. We also offer flatbed transport services for your motorcycle and construction equipment.

Roadside Assistance

B & A Towing provides convenient roadside assistance services too. So, when you are sitting roadside with a flat tire, you can call us to change it. Or maybe you locked your keys in your car or truck? Our highly skilled tow truck operator will retrieve your keys lighting fast without any damage to your vehicle. Whether you’ve left your lights on and need a jump start or forgot to check your gas gauge and ran out of gas, we can give you a hand. We provide immediate roadside assistance services, or you can schedule your service at a time that fits your schedule.

Accident Towing

Do you have a vehicle that’s not driveable from an accident? Because we employ Wreckmaster Certified tow truck operators, you can count on our drivers to tow your vehicle safely when damaged to prevent hurting or causing another accident on the road. We also provide police towing. Just let the officer know you want us, B & A Towing, to tow your vehicle from the accident scene. No matter the hour, we offer our accident towing and recovery services to immediately get you and your damaged vehicle to a safe location.

Call Us At B & A Towing

B & A Towing believes in providing the highest quality towing and roadside assistance services. Since 1968 our skilled tow truck operators have served stranded motorists in the San Francisco Bay area. Our rates are affordable, and we provide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year towing, car accident towing, and roadside assistance services to residential and commercial motorists.

Whether you need a tow, tire change, or parking enforcement services, B & A Towing is the right company to help get you where you need to go by friendly, honest, and community-minded dispatchers and tow truck operators.


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